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Gloria Got a Tattoo


When Gloria Weberg turned 100, what did she do to celebrate? She got a tattoo. Or, rather, another tattoo. The fact is, Gloria got her first tattoo when she turned 80, and has been getting one to celebrate every ten years since.

The latest tattoo is one of a goddess Earth mother and seven stars that represent each of Gloria’s seven children. Her kids think her tattoos are great. They’re also pretty impressed with her independence and healthy longevity. Gloria cooks, cleans, and does her own gardening. While she hung up her car keys in 2022, she has had no serious illnesses and remains very active – including politically and in her community. And, this healthy eating self-proclaimed happy optimist has a glass of red wine daily with dinner. She also loves to swim and even teaches water aerobics classes at local pools.

Think that all sounds great but don’t believe you have options now or will have at 100? Undeniably, better health is an option that is available literally from birth to the moment we take our last breath. If you want to age healthy, happy, and active like Gloria, know that you, too, can live 100:100. Chiropractors have the real prescription for health.

From the 100 Year Lifestyle provider’s perspective, health means having your body’s Innate Intelligence be in charge of you living to your full potential, and you supporting your body’s natural health, balance, and ability to heal with a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, necessary rest and sleep, family and community, and the other things that give your life meaning. 

Gloria is living proof that you’re never too old to do…anything. If tattoos are your thing – enjoy! If political activism is important to you – why stop? Enjoy water aerobics? Keep on swimming! Living the 100 Year Lifestyle means living at 100% for 100 years…or more! Gloria knows!

Interested in knowing the Tibetan proverb that inspired Gloria’s life philosophy? Keep reading.







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