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Lifestyle Locker

  • 047: Season 1 Done

    hey everyone… nothing fancy here… Season 1 DONE We’d like to give a big thanks to all of our guests and to all of you who have been listening and watching the show. We are greatly humbled by you taking the time effort and energy to be better. Check the website for updates and potential

  • 046: THE ULTRAMARATHON MAN- Dean Karnazes Bestselling author and one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People on Earth, Dean Karnazes has raced and traveled to all seven continents, twice, including running across Death Valley in the middle of summer, the hottest place on earth, and running a marathon to the South Pole, the coldest place on earth. He serves

  • 045: OVERWHELM

    As a chiropractor, podcaster, and health entrepreneur, I’ve seen many patients who struggle with overwhelm. It’s a common issue that can cause physical and emotional stress, affect your relationships, and harm your overall well-being. However, I believe that with some practical strategies and mindset shifts, you can overcome overwhelm and achieve balance and harmony in

  • 044: Hind sight is 20/20

    Hindsight in life is always 2020… at least it should be! Whether it’s from an injury, a business decision, a relationship decision, and more, we can always do what the military call and AAR- After Action Report.   A personal AAR would be to observe everything that happened in an event, or a series of

  • 043: Life-stacks with Zack Schreirer

    Our guest today is Zack Schrier.  This guy is a serial entrepreneur and at the time of the recording he’s only 24 years old.  This should hopefully inspire you to not only pay attention, but to take action in your health and your business. Zack is a serial entrepreneur, who started his first business in

  • 042: Healing From Candida with Dr. Michael Biamonte

    iFrame In this episode with Dr. Michael Biamonte we talk about Candida, health, and how Candida can impact your health and you may not even know!  This is an episode that may make you think and take some tests to see if you may unknowingly have candida.  Enjoy the episode and here’s a little

  • 041: Messages from the Universe A lesson from the LIFESTYLE LOCKER: Often times in life things happen and we think they are “to us”, where as I’m working hard on paying attention to why these things are happening “for us”. These are Universal messages. Have you ever woken up with some amazing thoughts or ideas in the middle of

  • 040: Challenges and suffering are optional…Expect Miracles What do you expect from your life? Anything? Are you endlessly dreaming about what you think you want? Do you live with a “what if” mentality? Could it be better? Could it be worse? YOU GET TO CHOOSE Thre are some great take aways in under 20 minutes.  Watch or listen and take action

  • 039: Are you ready for a Human Oil Change? with Udo Erasmus This is the second interview we’ve had with the world renoud Udo Erasmus.  Most know him for his Udo’s Oils.  They’re sold around the world.  His history is quite amazing.  Starting back in World War 2 where his family was fleeing both Communism from one side and Facism on the other side. His fascination

  • 038: Day ZERO of your LIFE Do you know what a day ZERO is in life? Dive into this short episode to START taking action steps on the prep days of your life.  Prep-action-results. That’s all. Appreciate you all, Dr. Josh Handt Part 1

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