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Joel Fitness World

Joel Fitness World Joel "Fitness" Matalon has been a personal fitness trainer/coach inNew York City since 1988. He uses highly communicative, person-to-person methodology to help clients reach their maximum performance.Along with adults, he has a special interest in working with childrenand teens in one-on-one and Large/Small Group training.

His Trainer certifications include: ACE, ISSA Youth Fitness, Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Fitness Boxing and USAT Triathlon, alongwith a background in Fitness, Yoga and Pilates. Joel's extensiveexperience and the fact that he is New York's ONLY certifiedChiRunning/Walking instructor makes his services highly soughtafter. Joel competes in endurance events and in 2007(Chi)ran 5marathons in 5 cities and 2 countries.He's preparing for Kentucky Ironman 8/08 and 2008-9 where he willrun 12 marathons in 12 months across the globe.

He's dedicated his life to making a difference for inner city teens,with his creation of TEAM 10. This brainchild is finishing up it'sinaugural season consisting of marathons in Germany, Cape Cod and NewYork. Along with raising thousands of dollars for EntrepreneursNOW,including 10% of JoeFitnessWorld net annual income.

Joel Matalon is getting ready to kick off his Spring 2008 ChiRunning/Walking classes (indoor/outdoor) at the JCC West Side and across theEast Coast. As well as the 3rd Annual Central Park JoeFitnessWorld 'Bench-Warming' Party, to honor his continuing support of the NYC parks.

Joel Matalon has been featured in the media onUS News and WorldReport, PT on the Net, WPLJ Radio, Sharspeaks/Success Made Simple-radio, Club Industry Magizine, OnSite Fitness magazine, ChiLivingeNewsLetter.

Coming soon, JFW presents ChiRunning/Walking CEC courses for fitnessprofessionals in partnership with the American Council on Exercise.Books: The Karma Stretch Book/CD, and, The Little Joe Fitness Team-books for kids.


New York, NY
P: 917-860-1450